How Do You Make Soilless Potting Mix?


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You can make your own soilless potting mix in about half an hour by combining peat moss, perlite, limestone and fertilizer, or you can substitute the perlite with sand, which is especially healthful for succulents. Soilless potting mix offers plants many benefits. Its light mixture allows plant roots to breathe and develop properly, while garden soil tends to compact those roots and cause root rot.

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  1. Combine the ingredients

    Obtain a large, clean container in which to mix all the substances. Put 2 gallons each of peat moss and perlite into the container. Add in 4 tablespoons of limestone and the amount of fertilizer suggested on the label of the fertilizer container. Mix everything together thoroughly.

  2. Sift the soilless mix

    Before using the soilless mix, sift it through a mesh screen. For seedlings, shift the mix through an even finer screen or a 1/4-inch hardware cloth. Sifting helps remove unwanted materials that may otherwise foul the mix.

  3. Test the mixture

    Moisten the potting mixture, and plant. You may need to adjust the ingredients through trial and error to find the perfect blend for your plants, but the end result should deliver exceptional results without the need for soil-inclusive products.

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