How Do You Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger?


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Making a small bedroom look large is a matter of both fooling the eye and using the space efficiently. Eliminating clutter, using multipurpose furnishings and employing bright colors with lots of natural light all help create an illusion of a space that's not cramped or crowded.

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Natural light is a great room expander; leaving windows unobstructed allows maximum sunshine to enter the room and visually open up the space. If the bedroom opens onto a balcony or patio and allows for bringing some of the outdoors in, all the better.

Keeping the room clutter free is also key. This can be done with built-in cabinetry, shelves along the wall and practical bedside tables. If the room is tall and narrow, emphasizing the height with a tall bed frame and vertical shelves gives the room an airy, spacious feeling, while a horizontal focus of ornamental woodwork or wainscoting can make it feel more symmetrical.

Hanging art on the walls gives the eye a focal point other than the limited dimensions and is a favorite decorator trick, as is the clever use of cool colors — including whites — to make walls seem to recede. Finally, when using patterns or prints in a small room, the rule of thumb is that less is more. Small designs can make it feel cozy, but a large overbearing pattern on either upholstery or wall coverings may overwhelm the space.

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