How Do You Make Slipcovers for Chairs?


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The most basic method for making chair slipcovers includes laying out the fabric, cutting it to create the desired contour lines, pinning the fabric, and sewing it together. An alternative method is to substitute spray adhesive for traditional construction.

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Decisions that must be made before actual construction of the slipcover begins include fabric selection, whether the covers should be lined or not, method of construction and post construction functionality. A lined slipcover coupled with a more decorative, less utilitarian fabric is more durable than a thin or purely decorative fabric on its own. Wash the fabric before making any cuts.

In this instance, a sewing machine, basic fabric knowledge and sewing skills are necessary. Begin by laying out the chosen fabric, wrong side up, against the chair. An optimal place to start is the chair back, not to be confused with the back of the chair, as it takes up much of the surface area and is the focal point of the piece.

Begin cutting loosely around the shape of the chair back leaving plenty of room to pin and trim. Next, piece the rest of the fabric to the chair, matching patterns and shaping to contour lines where necessary. Begin pinning along the newly created lines, right sides together. Pin further away from the chair for a looser fit, closer to the chair for a sleeker fit. Trim away the excess fabric, only leaving the desired seam allowance. Lastly, sew along the lines created by the pins.

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