How Do You Make a Shower Curtain?

How Do You Make a Shower Curtain?

Make a shower curtain by sewing your choice of fabric, then adding grommets to make the curtain easy to install. This method takes approximately one hour. You need polyester or vinyl fabric, a sewing machine and a grommet tool kit.

  1. Measure and cut the fabric

    Measure a piece of fabric that is 88 inches long and 80 inches wide. If you do not have fabric this large, pin two pieces of fabric together.

  2. Sew the seams

    Sew the two pieces of fabric along the pinned seam by laying the pieces right sides together. Make sure that any patterns on the fabric match. Fold the top edge over 4 inches, then fold it over another 4 inches. Sew the edge, and repeat for the bottom hem.

  3. Prepare to install the grommets

    Mark where the grommets will be on the top edge of the curtain. Space the marks equally, making sure that the holes on the ends are the same distance from the edge of the curtain. Create a hole in each mark using the punch that comes with the grommet tool kit.

  4. Install the grommets

    Place the bottom part of the grommet, which has an indentation, over a hole on the wrong side of the curtain. Place the top part of the grommet, which is smooth, on the right side. Use the mandrel to hammer the grommet pieces together. Repeat for the rest of the grommets.