How Do You Make a Shower Basin?


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To make a shower basin, cover cement blocks with a waterproof liner, seal the drain with masking tape, pour concrete over the liner, install tiles on top, and brush on two coats of clear sealant. This four-day procedure requires cement blocks, a knife, a shower liner, concrete, a trowel, grout, sealant, a screwdriver, screws, a paint brush and masking tape.

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  1. Lay the foundation

    Remove the drain cover. Set cement blocks on the shower's subfloor, and cover them with a waterproof shower membrane. Run your hands over the membrane to remove air bubbles. Slit the membrane over the drain pipe, place the drain cover over the slit, and screw it in place. Cover it with masking tape.

  2. Pour the concrete

    Mix the concrete according to the manufacturer's directions, and use a trowel to spread it over the liner membrane. Let the concrete dry for 48 hours, then take the masking tape off of the drain.

  3. Install the tile

    Mix the mortar, and install the tile over the cured concrete foundation. Squeeze grout between the tiles. Let the mortar and grout dry for 24 hours.

  4. Apply sealant

    Coat the shower basin with two coats of clear sealant, and dry the sealant according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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