How Do You Make a Shoe Rack?


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To make a shoe rack, cut two poplar boards for the shelves and two more for the sides, and screw the pieces together. At the back of each shelf, add a dowel rod to hold the heels. For a quick finish, use spray paint in the color of choice.

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  1. Cut the wood

    Measure the inside of your closet, and cut two pieces of 3/4 x 8-inch poplar boards to the height of the space and at least 16 inches high. Cut the shelves to width of the closet space minus the width of the side boards. For the heel holders, cut two dowel rods 1-inch larger than the length of the shelves.

  2. Drill holes and secure with screws

    Position the shelves along the side boards, and mark the location with a pencil line. With a high heel on the shelf, mark the location for the dowel rod. For each shelf, drill three pilot holes on both sides. For the heel holders, drill holes large enough to hold the dowel rod in place.

  3. Assemble the shoe rack

    Attach the shelves to the sides with 1 1/4-inch wood screws, and insert the dowel rods into the holes. To finish, spray or brush paint the shoe rack.

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