How Do You Make Scorpion Traps?


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The best scorpion traps are water traps, which are made by soaking a section near your house foundation. Scorpions drink water and are attracted to damp areas when temperatures hit 100 degrees.

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How Do You Make Scorpion Traps?
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  1. Gather your supplies

    To make a scorpion trap, you need Safe Solutions Enzyme Cleaner diluted with water per package instructions (or other enzymatic household cleaner), plywood or other light wood and a shallow tray. The tray serves as your actual trap; the water attracts the scorpions.

  2. Soak your space

    Scorpions move down from the attic to lower areas once temperatures in the attic reach around 100 degrees. Thoroughly soak an area near your foundation with the enzyme cleaner and water solution. Soak both the ground and the structure.

  3. Place a shallow tray

    Place a shallow tray filled with the water and enzyme solution in the wet area. You can also use soapy water in the tray.

  4. Cover your trap

    Cover the trap with a piece of plywood, paneling or other wood. Scorpions are drawn to the wet, shady spot.

  5. Check your trap

    Carefully check your trap daily. The scorpions should be sitting in the tray of water.

  6. Resoak the area

    When the trap area is dry, resoak it with water mixed with enzyme solution. Replace water in the tray as needed.

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