How Do You Make a Scarecrow?

How Do You Make a Scarecrow?

To make a scarecrow, you need two poles, a pillow case, straw, shirt, pants and safety pins. One pole should be half the size of the other.

Tie the two poles together into a cross. Stuff the pillowcase with straw to make the head. You can replace the straw with hay or leaves. Leave some excess pillowcase space at the bottom to use later.

Insert the head onto the top side of the longer pole. Push the pole right through the straw to the top of the pillowcase.

If you are using a turtleneck shirt, slide it up the same pole and attach it to the head using safety pins. Stretch it so as to slide the sleeves onto the crosspiece. If you are using a shirt that has buttons, dress the scarecrow just like a human and button it up.

Put one leg of the pants onto the long pole until the waist reaches the bottom of the shirt. Fasten it to the shirt loosely using safety pins. Tie both legs and stuff them with straw.

Dig a hole in the farm and insert the bottom of the pole framework, holding it down firmly with soil. Stuff the shirt with straw and secure it firmly to the head and pants using safety pins. Use the excess part of the pillow case to tie the head to the pole.

Use pieces of burlap to create the scarecrow's hair. Draw its eyes, brows, mouth and nose.