How Do You Make a Sawhorse?


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To make a sawhorse, purchase durable wood boards (including two-by-six and four-by-six sizes), construct the legs and the top, and make the gussets and the shelf. Complete the project by assembling the parts together with sheetrock screws or nails, and cut braces of one-by-two furring.

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Make the legs from one-by-four stock by squaring the pieces and marking the face with miter cuts. Make sure the heel of your square hangs off one of the edges by 4 inches. Cut the legs at a compound angle, then turn each one on its side, and cut at the saw lines with a handsaw or a portable circular saw.

Use two-by-six lumber to make the top piece of the sawhorse. Place notches in the sides of the top piece in which to fit the legs, and use a miter gauge to ensure the bevel transfers to the side notches. After finishing the top, use a chisel and mallet to clean up. Use three quarter-inch plywood or one- by-ten stock to construct the tool tray and end pieces. Square-cut the stock to get the right sizes.

Ringed siding nails provide a lot of strength and are a good choice when assembling the sawhorse. Tack the nails initially to ensure the sawhorse is square, and then drive them in.

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