How Do You Make Round Drywall Corners?

make-round-drywall-corners Credit: Charles Schug/E+/Getty Images

Rounded drywall corners provide a softer look to a room than the more traditional square corners. The process begins with the installation of rounded corner bead, which forms the base for the rounded corner.

  1. Select the corner bead

    Home improvement stores offer several types of rounded corner bead; however, the plastic bead is the easiest to install and finish. Using a spray adhesive provides a stronger bond than stapling the bead in place.

  2. Attach the bead

    Spray adhesive is available in stores that carry drywall supplies. Look for products specifically designed for adhering drywall corners. This type of spray adhesive dries more slowly than other types and allows time for adjusting the trim, if needed.

  3. Top with joint compound

    Use a drywall knife to apply joint compound to the walls adjacent to the new rounded corner. Keep the compound flat against the wall. Apply enough coats to cover the joint of the plastic and the drywall. Sand the coats, and apply two or more top coats to complete the joint. In order to obtain the perfectly rounded corner, continue adding layers, allowing them to dry and then sanding each layer.

  4. Texture and paint

    Once you finish the joint, apply the same texture as is applied to the walls. Once the texture is dry, paint it as any other joint. The rounded corner should use monochromatic color schemes.