How Do You Make a Rough-in Plumbing Diagram?


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Making a rough-in plumbing diagram is a fairly simple process that involves planning, labeling and measuring and outlining the pipes and joints; making this diagram is recommended for new plumbing projects to ensure proper placement of all of the parts. A basic diagram can be completed in just a few minutes and can save do-it-yourself homeowners time and frustration. In order to make a rough-in plumbing diagram, have a large piece of paper, a pencil with eraser, and a measuring device.

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An accurate rough-in plumbing diagram can help in planning, anticipating issues and purchasing materials for the plumbing project. In order to create the rough-in plumbing diagram, run through these steps:

  1. Plan, label and measure
  2. Take accurate measurements of the space for the plumbing. Write the dimensions on the paper diagram and draw the space on the paper, drawing the area to scale. For example, a four-by-four foot area can be adjusted whereas one inch on the diagram is equal to one foot of actual linear area. Label the diagram accordingly.

  3. Outline the pipes and joints
  4. Draw lines and label the measurements of where the pipes will be laid out. Draw circles for the joints and sketch in traps, drains and faucets. Double-check that the measurements in the diagram are to scale and accurate, making sure everything will fit as planned.

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