How Do You Make Roses Open Up?

Whether for a wedding day, anniversary or any other special occasion, to get roses to open up, slice stems at an angle, remove all leaves on the stems and use a little bit of heat from a blow dryer. Since roses naturally bloom in the sun, using a blow dryer has a similar effect.

  1. Cutting the stems
  2. Upon getting the flowers, make sure to dip the stems in a cold water bath. Don't just snip the edges of the stems off at a straight angle. Instead, by going diagonally, the roses get more access to water and thus bloom to look fuller and healthier.

  3. Blow-drying the roses
  4. Using a blow dryer or regular hair dryer to mimic the effects of the sun can lead to beautiful roses faster, but too much heat can also irreparably damage the flowers, so it's important to be very careful. Use a cover over the end of the blow dryer to control the amount of hot air coming at the flowers. Only use the blow dryer in short 60 second bursts, and always keep a good distance from the flowers.

  5. Utilizing sunlight
  6. Of course, if not in a rush for the roses to bloom, then allow them to do so the old-fashioned way. Instead of using a blow dryer, let actual real sunlight grow the roses. Keep them somewhere bright where they can get lots of sun, like by an open window.