How Do You Make a Rope Ladder?


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To make a rope ladder, create multiple equally spaced loops with two strands of rope, then tie wood pieces to the rope for the rungs. You need two strands of thick, heavy-duty natural rope in equal lengths and several 3-inch-thick and 16-inch-long wooden dowels.

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  1. Make the loops

    To hold the strands while you make the loops, tie one end of each strand of rope to a sturdy nonmoving object. Place one palm over each strand approximately 1 foot down from the tied ends. Turn your palms up so that the rope drapes over your fingers, making a loop.

  2. Insert the wooden dowels

    Open each loop with your fingers, then pull the back part of the strand through the loop to create another loop. Insert one end of a wooden dowel into each loop. Tighten the knot around each end. Repeat the process to add more rungs, making sure to evenly space them.

  3. Test the rope ladder

    Untie the ends of the ladder from the nonmoving object. Tie the rope ladder to a cross beam using a timber hitch for each end. After making sure that the timber hitches are secure, carefully place one foot onto the bottom rung of the rope ladder. Climb a few more rungs to test how the ladder moves under your weight.

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