How Do You Make a Room Look Bigger?


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To make a room look bigger, paint the walls in light colors, and use unique contrasts. Additionally, make the best use of lighting, reduce the clutter and use mirrors inventively. Using furniture that has more than one function is also effective when space is at a premium.

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How Do You Make a Room Look Bigger?
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Light-colored walls reflect more light than darker-colored walls, creating the illusion of spaciousness. Painting the trims a lighter color than the walls also creates the feeling that the walls are recessed and that there is a greater amount of space. The more natural light that flows into a room, the larger it seems. Large windows also create the feeling that the outdoors are a continuation of the indoor space.

Using a simple decor and avoiding clutter can work in tandem to make a room look bigger. If there are too many items in a room, a small space becomes crowded. Organizing your possessions and putting as many of them away as possible allows for the focus to remain in the simplicity of decor. Use large mirrors wisely to create a feeling of depth. Angle the mirror so that it faces a focal point in the room and reflects as much light as possible. A chest that can double as a settee or a headboard that serves as a bookcase helps save space by having your furniture serve more than one function.

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