How Do You Make a Room Divider?


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To make a room divider, connect three panels of medium-density fibreboard, called MDF, with door hinges. You can decorate the divider by upholstering one side with fabric and painting the other side in the color of your choice.

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  1. Cut the board

    A standard-size board of MDF measures 48 by 80 inches. Trim the board down to 60 inches, and then cut three separate panels, each 16 inches wide. Sand the cut edges by hand.

  2. Paint the MDF

    Using a paint roller, apply three layers of paint to one side of each panel. Allow them to dry.

  3. Upholster the panels

    Cut out three 16- by 60-inch pieces of quilt batting and affix a piece of batting to each board with spray adhesive. Next, cut three 18- by 62-inch pieces of fabric. Place the fabric on top of the batting, and staple the fabric to the edges of the board around the border of the panel. Once the fabric is secure, trim away any excess fabric. Cover the staples by gluing 3/4-inch-wide ribbon around the edges of each panel.

  4. Connect the panels

    Since the divider needs to fold, the hinges must alternate sides. On the left panel, position the hinges on the right of the painted side, and on the right panel, position them on the right of the upholstered side. On the center panel, place the hinges on the left of each side. Position the hinges 8 inches from the top and 8 inches from the bottom, and mark the holes. Pre-drill each hole, and then screw the hinges into place.

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