How Do You Make Room for a Dishwasher?


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Choosing a model that fits inside a cabinet box is the easiest way to make room for a dishwasher. However, cutting into existing cabinetry is also an option to slide in a dishwasher. If the dishwasher is higher than the countertop, a complete remodel may be necessary.

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Cabinets come in box format, and each box is attached to the next one before shelves are added. Taking out the shelving in a cabinet box with a saw, if they are glued in, makes room for smaller dishwashers. If the dishwasher is too large, it is necessary to cut the face paneling off the front of the existing cabinetry for the width of the dishwasher. Inside the new gap that you have made, make holes for the plumbing and electrical wiring. Ideally, the dishwasher goes next to the sink, and in most newer homes, electrical wiring is already available beneath the sink for the garbage disposal.

The best choice is a dishwasher that is within an inch or so of the height of the existing countertop. After connecting the dishwasher's plumbing and electrical hookups, slide the dishwasher into place. Adjust the legs, following the directions in the owner's manual, to bring the dishwasher up as close to the bottom of the countertop as possible.

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