How Do You Make Roman Shades?


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Make Roman shades with minimal sewing using fabric, wood dowels and Roman blind ring tape. Attach the shades to the window using a 1-by-2-inch board cut to the window's width.

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Cut the fabric to the width plus 2 inches for hemming. Use fusable web to hem the edges of the fabric to the width of the windows.

Form the horizontal pockets for the shade around the dowels, and pin them in place. Space the rods the distance between every other ring on the ring tape. Remove the rings, and sew the pockets. Remove the pins, and insert the rods back into the blind. Using hot glue, attach the ring tape inside the hem of the fabric.

Attach the header to the window using predriiled holes. Install three cup-hooks in the bottom of the header. Thread nylon cord through the rings on the back of the blind, through the cup hooks and down the side. Attach a second cord through the rings on the opposite side of the blind, over the cup hook and down the same side. Extend the blinds fully, and tie a knot near the cup hook and a second knot at the end of the cord. Raise and lower the blind by pulling the cord and attaching it to a cup hook in the window sill to keep the shade in position.

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