How Do You Make Roller Blinds?

How Do You Make Roller Blinds?

To make a roller blind, also known as a roller shade, collect the materials, spray the fabric with adhesive, place it on the roller, cut along the shade, add double-sided adhesive tape to the trim and tuck it in to hide the seam, notes These instructions require no sewing to make a fabric roller shade with a decorative trim.

Use the steps below to make a roller blind at home.

  1. Gather the materials
  2. Gather the materials needed, which include a roller blind, two yards of fabric, spray adhesive, decorator trim, double-sided tape, shade hardware, scissors and a painter's mask to protect from spray fumes.

  3. Lay out the fabric
  4. Lay out the fabric in a ventilated area and spray with the adhesive held about six to eight inches away from the fabric. Place the fabric on top of the roller and smooth out the wrinkles.

  5. Cut the fabric
  6. Cut the fabric along the shade's edge, and then roll it up.

  7. Create the trim
  8. Measure out the trim along the bottom of the shade. Make sure to leave some extra room on either side. Cut out the appropriate length of double-sided tape, and then press it into place on the trim. Press the trim onto the tape.

  9. Hide the seam
  10. Tuck the trim in on either side to hide any seams.