How Do You Make a Rockery?


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A rockery provides a suitable home for plants that grow in rocky environments. The items needed to build a rockery are stone, topsoil, a spade and landscape fabric. Using natural stone in an appropriate location, arrange rocks and topsoil to form an artistic shape, adding compost wherever you wish to place a plant.

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  1. Choose the location

    Locate the rockery in a sunny spot away from overhanging tree branches. Find an area with good drainage, and try to kill all of the weeds in the area.

  2. Buy the stone

    Buy natural stone. Flat, rough rocks are best to give plants more purchase. Purchase multiple sizes to build a more natural-looking rockery.

  3. Build the rockery

    Mark out the area where the rockery is to be built. Dig a base 6 inches deep, and use broken bricks, stone or other rubble for the bottom layer. Place a layer of permeable landscape fabric over the base to prevent it from mixing with the compost.

  4. Place the stones

    Place the larger stones first, putting smaller stones around them. Leave gaps for plants, and use a spade to dig out areas for the stones if necessary. Tilt the rocks backward, placing topsoil underneath and between the stones to set them in place. Bury the stones to one-third of their depth. Add compost between the stones for placing plants.

  5. Place the plants in the rockery

    Arrange the plants in their desired positions. Plant the plants in the compost, and apply gravel on top of the rockery as required.

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