How to You Make a Reading Nook?


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Create a reading nook by connecting bookshelves to form the walls, filling the shelves with books, decorating the space and providing comfortable furnishings to encourage reading. Complete the process in less than half a day, although you should continue to add books as your book collection grows.

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  1. Separate the space from distractions

    Choose an out of the way location, in a hallway or your bedroom. Use bookshelves to form walls to limit distractions while reading. Attach the shelves to one another and to the wall to prevent endangering yourself.

  2. Fill the shelves with books

    Encourage use of the space by filling it with interesting reads. Provide a few books that stretch your abilities and some easy reads for fun. Provide enough variety and maybe even some simple puzzles or brain teasers.

  3. Decorate the space

    Make the nook a fun place to spend time by adding appropriate decorations to the space. Use art and posters to create interest.

  4. Make the space comfortable

    Add comfortable furnishings to encourage reading. Add pillows, blankets and bean bag chairs. Provide a floor lamp to ensure the space has appropriate lighting. Place flashlights on the shelves so you can read at night. Add a small table for snacks and drinks.

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