How Do You Make a Rat Trap?

Building a rat trap requires a large bucket, wire, corn on the cob or an empty soda can and water. For this trap to work, the rat must be able to get to the top of the bucket easily. To do this, bury the bucket in the ground, or build a ramp up to the top.

Whether the bucket is in the ground or has a ramp leading up to it, the first step is to run a piece of wire through the corn on the cob or empty soda can. Make sure that the item is loose enough that it can spin around. The next step is to string the wire across the top of the bucket, making sure that the corn or soda can is at the center of the bucket. Next, cover the corn or soda can with peanut butter. Finally, fill the bottom of the bucket with about 6 to 10 inches of water. Once this trap is set, the rat comes to get the peanut butter, but when it steps on the corn or soda can, the item spins and the rat falls into the water in the bucket. To make it more humane and build this trap without killing the rat, simply coat the sides of the bucket with a slippery substance and don't put any water in it.