How Do You Make a Raised Garden Bed?


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Making a raised garden bed requires rot-resistant lumber like cedar, good soil, compost, a lever, rake and desired plants. Select and determine the shape and size of the garden, prep the site, construct the bed, fill in with soil and sow seeds or plant.

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How Do You Make a Raised Garden Bed?
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Selecting a site for a raised garden involves locating an area in the compound that gets at least eight hours of sunlight daily. The site should also be flat while offering easy access to water sources and room for movement.

All areas of the raised garden should be accessible without necessarily stepping into it. The optimum width is 4 feet, so that anyone can access the middle of the garden from any side. If a fence or wall is required, it should be less than 3 feet wide. The garden’s depth should be between 6 and 12 inches depending on personal preferences and vegetables.

Many vegetables do well in a 6-inch deep raised garden lined with cardboard, landscape fabric or newspaper at the bottom. However, digging out and loosening 8 inches of existing soil offers roots room for growth.

Cut 2 by 6-inch cedar or composite lumbers into the desired size and attach them to create a simple frame. Use a lever to ensure that the frame is level in all directions and fill the garden with soil. Mix topsoil with compost and rotted manure. Rake the garden and plant or sow seeds.

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