How Do You Make a Queen-Size Padded Headboard?

How Do You Make a Queen-Size Padded Headboard?

To make a queen-size padded headboard, construct a wooden frame, add and weave upholstery webbing through the frame and apply the padding and fabric. For a queen-size bed, the headboard frame should be about 64 by 50 inches tall.

To make a padded headboard:

  1. Construct the frame
  2. Use 2 by 4 boards to construct the frame to the desired size, and evenly space vertical supports across the frame. Add one horizontal support in the middle and two on each side. Attach legs to the bottom of the frame with 4 by 4 boards.

  3. Add webbing to the frame
  4. Cut three strips of webbing to use vertically and three strips to use horizontally, and place the webbing about one foot apart. Use a webbing pull to install the webbing and staple it to the frame. First install the horizontal strips, then weave the vertical webbing through the horizontal strips. Staple the strips to the frame.

  5. Add felt padding
  6. Measure the frame and cut a piece of felt to size: staple it to the frame and cut off any excess felt around the sides.

  7. Add foam padding
  8. Use a 1-inch thick foam pad and cut to the size of the frame. Use fabric glue to attach the foam padding to the felt.

  9. Attach the polyester fiber
  10. Cut the polyester fiber and wrap around the sides of the headboard, gluing to the back.

  11. Attach the fabric
  12. Cut the fabric with a large overlap, and staple the fabric to the back, pulling it tight during the stapling process.

  13. Add the back fabric
  14. Cut a piece of fabric that is about 1/4-inch shorter than the headboard and attach to the back with staples.