How Do You Make Privacy Curtains for a Gazebo?


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Making privacy curtains for a gazebo entails using drop cloths to form curtain panels, adding clip rings to the curtains and then putting in tension rods or poles for hanging the curtains. This project is relatively easy, but it does require accurate measurement of the width and height for the open sides of the gazebo.

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The advantages of using a canvas drop cloth as a suitable material for making privacy curtains is that it is a durable material and its sides and seams are already hemmed and finished so that no sewing is necessary for the project. To determine how many canvas drop cloths to buy and in what size, the gazebo's open side widths and the height must be measured.

If using six-foot by nine-foot drop cloths, buy one drop cloth per six feet that require shading. Prior to making the curtain, wash and iron the drop cloths. To make the curtain panels, affix ring clips to the top of each drop cloth needed for the project.

To make the curtain rods, use tension rods that are the correct width of each gazebo side opening. Attach strong metal hooks at the top inside frame of the gazebo structure at the side corners. Put the metal pole through the rings of the ring clips and hang the rod from the attached hooks. To gather the canvas curtains, use tiebacks. This project is also useful for making outdoor curtains for a porch, as noted by Front Porch Ideas and More.

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