How Do You Make Plans for Garage Work Benches?


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To make a plan for a garage work bench, choose a size for the bench to suit your garage, and decide whether it needs any additional utility drawers or slide-out surfaces. Draw a detailed blueprint to scale on graph paper.

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For a 5-by-5-foot bench, make a rectangular leg frame using two 22-inch 2-by-4 boards and two 45-inch 2-by-4 boards. Place the long boards inside the shorter boards, and secure them together using nails. Take four 5-foot 2-by-6 boards, put them inside the leg frame, and nail them perpendicular to the frame pieces. Turn all the pieces over.

Measure and mark 6 inches from the edges of five 5-foot 2-by-6 boards. Mark two of the boards 4 inches in from the first mark. Place the first board with two markings up on the leg frame horizontal to the 4-foot side of the frame, and nail it into place. Line up the outside marks to the frame's long edge and the inside marks to the frame's short edge. Repeat with the second board, and ensure there are no gaps between the boards.

Lay the other three 5-foot boards tightly together, and nail them on top of the last two boards. Secure the 4.5-foot boards along the back of the leg frame. Secure two 22-inch 2-by-4 boards between the legs and two 24-inch boards above them as a support structure.

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