How Do You Make a Pizza Oven?

To make a pizza oven, unpack the oven kit, position the stand and the oven, connect the utilities, and season the oven. The materials you need include a gas pizza oven kit, a forklift, a level and measuring tape.

  1. Unpack the oven kit

    Unpack the oven and oven stand. Measure the top and bottom of the oven, and write the measurements down.

  2. Position the oven stand

    Place the oven stand in the chosen location, and center it over the gas line. Consult the oven measurements to verify that the sides are at least 1 inch away from the walls and that there are at least 14 inches between the top of the oven and the ceiling.

  3. Set the oven on the stand

    Pick up the oven with a forklift, and set it on the stand.

  4. Connect the gas line

    Have a professional plumber connect the gas line and install an emergency shutoff valve.

  5. Connect the electricity

    Plug in the oven, and turn it on. Leave the oven on for one hour before you proceed.

  6. Season the oven

    Set the oven temperature to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for four hours. Increase the heat to 400 degrees, leave or another four hours, then turn it off. Leave the oven off overnight. The next morning, turn on the oven, and set it to 400 degrees. After four hours, increase the temperature to 500 degrees. Raise the temperature by 100 degrees every hour for three hours. When the temperature reaches 800 degrees, the oven is ready for culinary use.