How Do You Make a Patio?

How Do You Make a Patio?

To make a patio, dig a 2-inch deep trench, lay landscape fabric and add a 3-inch stone dust layer over the area; then, lay down pavers, and tamp them into place. Finally, seal any cracks and wash off extra dust.

  1. Dig up the area

    Use a sod lifter to dig a 2-inch trench that's as wide and long as you need the patio to be. Maintain a level surface with a rake and the back side of a spade.

  2. Lay down a landscape fabric layer

    Roll landscape fabric over the area, and secure it with landscape spikes.

  3. Set up a screed

    Lay down a pipe at one edge of the area, with a second pipe laid 5 feet away from the first.

  4. Add a stone dust layer

    Pour stone dust between the pipes, and use a 2-inch by 4-inch board to smooth the layer. Flatten the layer with a tamper, and continue until the stone dust layer is 3 inches in depth.

  5. Set up the marker

    Drive a stake into the ground at the center of each side of the patio. Attach two strings across the four stakes so they cross perpendicularly.

  6. Lay the pavers

    Lay the first section of pavers along the lines, and secure the pavers into place with a rubber mallet. Continue until the patio is covered in pavers, then compact the pavers into place once more with the tamper.

  7. Seal the cracks

    Pour a small amount of stone dust over the surface of the patio and coax the dust between the cracks. Run a hose over the surface to remove excess dust.