How Do You Make a Pastry Cloth?


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After you select the fabric you want, be sure to prewash it before continuing with the rest of the steps. After sewing, clip the corners and press the seams. Reach through the opening in between the two cloths and turn the pastry cloth right side out. Iron the cloth once more to make for ideal presentation.

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How Do You Make a Pastry Cloth?
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  1. Select the right fabric

    According to Make It Love It, you need unbleached drill fabric to make a pastry cloth. The fabric is similar to canvas. You'll need at least 2 yards to make the pastry cloth.

  2. Measure and cut the fabric

    Measure the fabric so you can cut it into two 36 x 24 pieces. This is the ideal size for a pastry cloth, but the cloth can be cut smaller or larger if you prefer.

  3. Decorate the cloth

    Add stripes made of frog tape to the bottom of the pasty cloth, or paint one of the cloth pieces so that one side of the pastry cloth is decorated. Be sure to use fabric or craft paint. Heat-set the paint by putting a piece of spare fabric on the painted area and going over it with an iron.

  4. Put the fabric together

    Put both fabric pieces together, and be sure the design you have added to the fabric is inside the fabric meeting. Use double pins to mark the areas where you will not sew the fabric together.

  5. Sew

    Sew the two fabric pieces together. Start with a seam that has a 1/2-inch seam allowance all around the pastry cloth. Start at one set of double pins and stop at the next set. Use a denim needle or a universal size 14 needle for sewing.

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