How Do You Make Your Own Workbench?


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Make your own workbench by purchasing a sheet of plywood to use as the top, several 4-by-8-inch wooden beams to use as the legs and braces, wood screws and metal connectors. Cut and affix the beams to make legs and a structured top, then screw the plywood onto the base.

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The first step to building your own workbench is to decide on the look and functionality you want. For example, a flat bench that needs to serve as a working table requires less material than a workbench that needs a tool hanging back or undercarriage storage.

For a basic table, you need to begin by purchasing the necessary wood. Select a durable and straight piece of plywood that is large enough to form the complete top of the bench. If it's too big, have the lumber store cut it to your dimensions. Avoid using multiple small pieces as it reduces the bench's structural integrity and requires more work to reinforce.

After choosing the top, purchase four 4-by-8-inch beams to use as the legs and four 4-by-8-inch beams to use for the top bracing, along with an extra beam in case you make a mistake. Use metal corner braces to join the top bracing beams into a rectangle slightly smaller than the size of your plywood, then attach the legs on the bottom. Affix the plywood to the top of the bracings to complete the bench.

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