How Do You Make Your Own Water Fountain?


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To create an outdoor water fountain, excavate a site, lay padding materials and plastic pond liner, and install a water pump. Additional steps may include the installation of stones, supports and decorative items, depending on the design and layout of the fountain. Fill the pond after testing the pump to ensure proper operation.

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After selecting the location, create a hole to house the water pump, and then excavate the main basin. Ensure all parts and components of the pump housing and lines fit together properly prior to installation. Line the basin with padding and plastic lining, and assemble any stonework and supports. Installing a gravel-filled reservoir to collect water overflow for recirculation may reduce future maintenance.

Pad the fountain basin with carpeting to protect the plastic liner from puncture. Arrange fountain stones and other supports in the shallow end of the basin, and position water hoses and lines to create the right water flow. Position the pump on a rock or bucket to keep it above the bottom of the basin and just below the surface of the water. After testing the operation of the pump and inspecting the position of the water lines, fill the pond, and activate the pump.

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