How Do You Make Your Own Tape Measure?

How Do You Make Your Own Tape Measure?

To make your own tape measure, use a 60-inch long white-colored grosgrain ribbon, and lay a 12-inch long ruler adjacent to it. Use the ruler to mark the 1-inch positions on the ribbon with a black marker. Optionally, mark the smaller measurements on the ribbon as well.

To make the tape measure, first roll the grosgrain ribbon out on a flat surface. Using a 12-inch long ruler, measure 60 inches on the ribbon and mark it. When using a 12-inch ruler, mark the first 12 inches on the ribbon using your finger and start measuring the second 12 inches from this point. Repeat the process five times to measure 60 inches.

Cut the ribbon at the 60-inch mark. Place the cut ribbon on a flat surface and lay heavy objects, such as books, on its ends and middle to straighten it. Allow the books to sit on the ribbon for approximately one hour.

After the allotted time, remove the books and place the 12-inch ruler against one side of the ribbon, and use it to mark the 1-inch measurements on the latter. Draw straight lines for the markings, and write the number for each 1-inch measurement. Once the markings for the first 12 inches are completed, shift the ruler down and continue the process until the 60-inch mark is reached.

Optionally, mark the smaller inch measurements, such as 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 and 7/8, on the ribbon. Dry the ribbon for about an hour, roll it up and store.