How Do You Make Your Own Silicone Molds?


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To make your own silicone molds, choose a high-quality silicone mold rubber such as Silicone Plastique or Smooth-Sil 940, both of which are food safe. Apply the silicone medium to the positive — the object you’re copying — and then cure the medium completely according to product directions. Peel the finished mold away from the positive, and wash it with dish soap and air dry it before using it.

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When making a silicone mold, start by choosing a silicone putty or pourable medium that works with a wide variety of materials. For instance, if you need to make molds for baking custom-shaped cookies and freezing ice cubes in the same shape, choose a silicone medium that can withstand temperature extremes. Choose the right medium for your positive. It may be easiest to make molds of porous surfaces if you can pour the silicone onto them, while a putty may render better molds of smooth surfaces.

Practice with the medium to prevent bubbles and other gaps in your molds. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the medium to a positive, using a resist when necessary to insure that the finished mold separates cleanly. Because working times for mediums vary, make sure you have enough time to apply the silicone properly before it sets. Cure times and temperatures also vary. If you can, allow more cure time than required.

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