How Do You Make Your Own Shutters?


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Create board and batten shutters by measuring the windows to determine the number of boards and length of the batten, cutting the boards to length, notching the boards, and gluing them to the battens. Cut a decorative pattern in the two center boards, and attach the shutters to the house with hinges.

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Because windows are different shapes, each set of shutters should be custom-fitted to the window. Depending on the size, it may be necessary to rip the boards so an even number fits the window. Cut the ripped boards so they are 1/2-inch less than the length between the head casing and sill.

Create the notch in the boards by marking the location of the battens and using a skill saw set to cut 1/8 inch to make cuts between the two marks. Use a wood chisel to remove any remaining wood from the trough. Apply waterproof wood glue to the battens, and attach the boards using staggered rustproof screws.

Mark the pattern for the decorative cutout centered on the two center boards. Use a jigsaw to cut the opening. Sand any rough edges, and paint the shutters. Attach the shutters directly to the wall for nonoperative shutters or to hinges for shutters that close to protect the glass during a storm.

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