How Do You Make Your Own Plastic Mesh Pot Scrubbers?


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Make homemade plastic mesh pot scrubbers using mesh vegetable or onion bags. To make these, all you need is the mesh bag and a needle and heavy thread, such as embroidery thread.

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When you begin making a homemade pot scrubber, first make sure there is a knot tied at one end of the mesh bag. If there is not one already there, tie one yourself. Next, move the knot to the inside of the mesh bag, and then begin rolling the other end of the bag, which is the side without the knot, to the inside until it is tucked neatly inside itself. Then use a needle and thread to secure the mesh bag in place. Be sure to use a double length of a strong thread to do this.

Carefully weave the needle and thread in and out of the mesh to secure the mesh in place, and pull it tightly at the end to draw the mesh closer together in a ball. Tie the ends of the thread together to finish the project. If you don't have a mesh vegetable bag, purchase some tulle at your local craft or fabric store and use that instead of a bag.

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