How Do You Make Your Own Mirror?


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To make a mirror, make silver nitrate and sodium hydroxide solutions, combine them, add some ammonia and sugar to the mixture, and stir it until there are no hard pieces left. Place the piece of glass you want to turn into a mirror in a container with the mixture, and heat it up. Take the mirror out once the mixture gains a creamy color.

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Ensure proper ventilation when making a mirror, as chemicals produce harmful fumes. To make solutions of sodium hydroxide and silver nitrate, take 0.035 ounces of each compound, add a little water to them, and stir until the powders dissolve. Make sure to keep the two liquids in different containers. Start by adding a little of ammonia at a time until the black precipitate at the bottom of the container dissolves. Stir in about 0.14 ounces of sugar after that, and allow it to dissolve.

Make sure that the glass you are using is perfectly clean, as even a little dirt can cause the process to fail. If you are making a large mirror, transfer the solution into a tray, and place the item in it. Make sure that the liquid doesn't boil when heating it, as boiling is going to damage the surface of the mirror. If there is silver on some areas of the glass where you don't want it to be, try to wipe it off with a cloth, or use some hydrochloric acid if that doesn't work.

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