How Do You Make Your Own Magazine Stand?


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To make your own magazine stand, begin by cutting a plywood board into a 10-by-12-inch rectangle for the back of the stand. For the front and bottom of the stand, cut four pieces of wood into 2-by-10-inch rectangles. Take two more pieces of wood, and cut them to fit the side of the stand at 4 inches on one side, 2 inches on the opposite side and 8 inches in length.

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Place the first board on a work table with the 10-inch side facing you. Take one 2-by-10 piece, and add wood glue across the 10-inch side before placing it perpendicular to the top of the back board so that the edge is flush with the bottom edge of the board. Using a nail gun, secure the pieces together to make the base of the stand steady. Place one of the side pieces onto the back board with the 8-inch side against the front edge of the board and the 2-inch side against the bottom piece. Nail the side piece into place through the back of the back board and the bottom of the base.

Repeat the steps for the first side board using the second side board on the opposite side. Take one 2-by-10 piece, and place it on the bottom front of the stand. Nail two small finishing nails on each side of the board to secure it. Take another 2-by-10 piece, and attach it with small finishing nails about an inch above the first piece. Repeat with the final 2-by-10 piece.

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