How Do You Make Your Own Housecleaning Checklist?


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Before beginning to make a house cleaning checklist, first evaluate what you feel is essential to have in a clean home. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and walk through your home, one room at a time, to take an inventory of what you consider a necessity for a clean home. Most rooms need regular cleanings, but some items only need seasonal or yearly cleaning.

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How Do You Make Your Own Housecleaning Checklist?
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As you walk through your home, make a list of required tasks in every room, and put each in a category at the top of your check list. For example, in all rooms, you may want to clean doorknobs, dust and vacuum. Once you have your "Every Room" category completed, create a separate category for each room in your home. For example, add additional tasks that are relevant only to the kitchen, only to the bedroom and only to the bathroom.

Next it is important to decide how often you want to clean. You may want to do a huge cleaning one or two days a week, or you may be the type to do a room or two a day, every day. However you choose, set your schedule, and stick to it for optimal success. You may need to add to your check list periodically or re-evaluate over time.

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