How Do You Make Your Own Half Wooden Door?


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To make your own half wooden door, remove the existing door, mark the hinge positions, and cut the door into two. Then, attach the two doors in the doorway, make a groove in the bottom door, and affix a wooden strip and door stop to the top door. Finally, finish the doors, and affix the hardware.

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Begin making a half wooden door removing the hinge screws of the existing door. Place the door on sawhorses, remove its hardware, and apply wood putty over any holes. Dry the putty, and sand the door.

Next, position the door in the opening, and mark the hinge positions, two per door, using a pencil. Attach the four hinges to the door, and secure the door in the doorway. Check if the door functions smoothly, take it out, and place it on the sawhorses.

Mark a line across the door's width at the point where it is to be cut and another line 1/4 inches beneath it, and cut the door along the two lines using a circular saw.

Make a 3/8-inch groove 1/4 inches from the bottom door's top edge using a router. Affix a 1/8-inch diameter aluminum bar, cut to a length slightly longer than the door's width, to the bottom door's top side using stainless steel screws.

Affix a 3/8-by-3/8-inch door stop to the top door's bottom edge using screws. Sand, and coat this edge with a sealer. Attach weather stripping to both the doors using copper nails.

After attaching the doors in the opening, center and affix a wood strip measuring 1/4-by-1 inch and 1/4 inches shorter than the door's width to the top door's bottom outer edge using finish nails, and caulk the gaps. Finally, stain or paint the doors, and affix door knobs, handles and a latch.

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