How Do You Make Your Own Bird Repellent?


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Make your own bird repellent by soaking bird seeds in garlic oil. Mix the treated seeds with untreated ones, and leave the seeds out for birds to consume. Garlic is a natural appetite suppressant, and the smell and taste of the oil can deter birds from eating in an area.

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Several techniques can be used to repel birds. Position a predator decoy in a nearby location to scare birds away, or purchase a device that emits high-pitched sounds to achieve the same result. Birds can be attracted to an area due to the availability of food or the suitability of the site as a nesting location. Remove a bird's nest to encourage it to search for a new home, or remove the food from the area to take away the bird's source of nutrients.

Once you have trained birds to avoid a location, prevent the birds from returning by blocking off the area with netting. Apply a perch repellent gel to ledges to make the surface sticky when a bird lands, or use anti-roosting strips on ledges to discourage landing. Set traps for persistent visitors, checking local bird protection laws before disposing of the trapped birds to ensure legal compliance.

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