How Do You Make Your Own Bee Catcher?


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To create a simple homemade bee catcher, begin by obtaining an empty two-liter plastic bottle and removing the cap. Using scissors, cut the top of the bottle off, about five inches away from the top; make your cut as even as possible. After removing the top of the bottle, turn it upside down and place it into the topless bottle. Use staples to secure the pieces together and pour a sugary liquid into the bottle to use as bait.

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The sugary liquid bait can consist of a mixture of sugar and water, sugar and lemon juice, or maple syrup and water; soda pop also works well as bait. If you want to kill the bees, pour a few inches of your sugary bait into the bottom of the trap so that the bees drown in it. Place the trap near the hive of the bees you wish to trap or any place they like to frequent. Attach a wire to the top of the trap if you plan to hang it.

If you want to catch the bees to relocate them, place a very small amount of the bait in the trap to prevent the bees that enter it from drowning.

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