How Do You Make Your Own Alphabet Lights?


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Make light-up marquee letters using pine board and bulb string lights. Draw the letters onto 3/4-inch thick pine board and cut them out using a jigsaw. Use a wider board to make taller letters. Sand and paint the letters. Drill holes for the bulbs using a spade drill bit, ensuring that the holes are evenly spaced. Staple metal flashing around each letter to make a border and install the string lights.

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Plywood also works well as a backing board for the bulbs. In either case, cut the letters out using a jigsaw. If the letters have holes in the center, drill a starting hole for the jigsaw with a 1/2-inch drill bit.

To make metal flashing for the letters, cut a 3-inch wide strip of flashing that is the same length as the letter's perimeter. Score and fold the flashing to cut it, and use a metal ruler to help bend it around the letter. Staple the flashing to the wood as you proceed around the letter.

If metal flashing is unavailable, 1/8-inch thick MDF also works. Saw strips of MDF for each of the letter's sides and affix it using wood glue. Cover the MDF with wrapping paper, paint or leather.

When the letters are assembled and painted, use hot glue to secure the bulb holders in their holes. Remove any unnecessary bulbs from their holders before connecting the power.

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