How Do You Make an Outdoor Water Fountain?


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To make an outdoor water fountain, set up a reservoir and water pump, attach a copper pipe to the pump, build the base of the fountain, and pass the pipe through stones around the reservoir. Put water in the reservoir, and turn on the power. Wear gloves and a facemask when making the fountain.

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Use a shovel to dig a deep hole for a plastic reservoir to sit in, and dig a trench to join the fountain to a power outlet. Lay gravel in the hole, place the reservoir on top of the gravel, and put a water pump at the center. Insert a power cable in a conduit, lay it in the trench, and cover the trench with soil. Ensure that you locate the fountain near the power outlet.

Place a screen at the opening of the hole, use a razor knife to cut a service outlet on the screen, fix a copper pipe to the pump via the outlet, and cut a deck board with a handsaw for stones to sit on. Drill holes in well-rounded stones, arrange the stones steadily on top of each other, and insert the copper pipe through the rocks, moving from the largest to the smallest.

Fill the reservoir with water via the service outlet, turn on the power, and check if water comes out as desired. Turn off the power, apply silicon caulk between the stones, allow the caulk to dry, and turn on the power. If water doesn't flow out properly, turn off the power, and rearrange the stones before applying the adhesive.

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