How Do You Make an Outdoor Rabbit Shelter?


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Make a rabbit shelter at least six feet long, two feet wide and two feet high for small to medium-sized rabbits. Large rabbits need a bigger shelter of at least seven feet long, three feet wide and three feet high. Make the shelter out of wood and wire.

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The design and type of weatherproofing needed depend on how often the rabbits are in the shelter. For year-round shelters, you need to make a roof that protects rabbits from rain and snow and ensure the side walls of the shelter can protect rabbits from drafts. Use wire mesh in some sections of the wall for ventilation and consider building the shelter elevated to keep the rabbits off the cold, damp ground.

For an outdoor shelter used by indoor rabbits just in fair weather, build a wooden frame, but use wire mesh for almost all of the walls and top. Include a small section of the shelter that has wooden walls and a top to give the rabbits a place to hide if they feel threatened or to relax in the shade. If the outdoor shelter is part of a larger, protected rabbit run, make it entirely of wood and leave one side completely open instead of adding a door.

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