How Do You Make Outdoor Patio Furniture With PVC Pipe?


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To make outdoor patio furniture with polyvinyl chloride pipe, cut the pipe as specified in the furniture plans, and join the parts together using connectors. Brush PVC primer and cement on the pipe and inside the connector. Add spanning materials, such as canvas for the seats, depending on the furniture plans.

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For this project, you need furniture plans, a polyvinyl chloride pipe, polyvinyl chloride connectors, PVC cement and PVC primer. You also need a measuring tape, weatherproof spanning material, PVC pipe cutter and sandpaper.

Design your own furniture plans, or download plans from the Internet. Gather all the materials and tools. Use the PVC pipe cutter to cut the pipes into lengths as specified in the furniture plans. You may also ask the staff at the hardware store to help you cut the pipes when you purchase them.

Slide the end of the pipe into the connectors as outlined in the plans. Make sure everything fits correctly. Take the pipe out of the connector, and brush PVC primer outside at the point where it slides into the connector. Wait for a few seconds before brushing on the PVC cement. Brush primer and cement on the inside of the PVC connector where the PVC pipe slides in.

Connect the end of the pipe back into the connector. Do this for all the furniture pieces. Attach waterproof spanning material such as webbing or canvas. Depending on the furniture plans, you may need additional materials such as lacing and rivets.

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