How to You Make an Outdoor Canopy?

How to You Make an Outdoor Canopy?

To make an outdoor canopy, plant posts into the ground, connect the posts with cross beams and drape the cross beams with canvas material. You need a shovel, posts, cross beams, canvas, hammer, nails and concrete.

  1. Prepare the posts

    Get four 4-by-4 wooden posts of the desired height, bearing in mind that a third of the length needs to be buried in the ground for stability. For instance, a 12-foot tall post needs to be placed in a 4-foot deep hole, leaving only 8 feet of clearance.

  2. Dig the holes

    Dig four holes at the corners of the location of the outdoor canopy, making sure they are deep enough for one-third of the length of the chosen posts.

  3. Plant the posts

    Place the posts in the holes. Fill the holes with concrete, ensuring that the posts are upright.

  4. Prepare the cross beams

    Purchase four 2-by-6 cross beams that are the length of the space between the posts. For instance, if the posts are all situated 10-feet apart, the cross beams need to be at least 10-feet long.

  5. Attach the cross beams

    Attach the cross beams between the posts using a hammer and nails or screws. This is the structure across which the canopy drapes.

  6. Add the canopy

    Drape canvas or other material across the cross beams to complete the canopy.