How Do You Make an Ottoman?

How Do You Make an Ottoman?

To make an ottoman, build a square or rectangular box from plywood, and upholster the plywood frame with foam, batting and fabric. For a storage ottoman, keep the top of the base open, and upholster the lid separately.

  1. Build a base

    Determine the size of your ottoman. A standard ottoman is about 20 inches tall. If you are adding feet, include them in your dimensions. From 1/2-inch plywood, cut the front, back and side panels. For the top and bottom panels, add an inch to the length and width. Use wood glue and screws to assemble a box from the plywood panels. For the lid, attach 2-inch wide strips of plywood around the edges.

  2. Paint the ottoman

    Paint the bottom and the inside of the box, as well as the bottom of the lid.

  3. Upholster the ottoman

    If you are adding feet, screw them on before adding any padding. Glue 4-inch thick pieces of foam to the sides and top of the ottoman. Wrap batting around the foam, and secure it with staples. Cut fabric to cover the ottoman. For the lid, allow for 4 inches of overlapping fabric, and for the base, allow for 2 extra inches of fabric. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the inside edge and bottom of the box. To finish the edges, use ribbon and hot glue to cover the staples.