How Do You Make Organic Mosquito Repellent?


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Organic mosquito repellent can be made by combining essential oils or fresh, dried herbs with boiled or distilled water and witch hazel. There are optional ingredients in some mixes, but creating an organic mosquito repellent with essential oils should take no more than a few minutes.

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How Do You Make Organic Mosquito Repellent?
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  1. Gather the ingredients

    Obtain a bottle of natural witch hazel, a cup of natural or distilled water and an organic essential oil. Choose one or more oils that contain the scents of mint, lavender, eucalyptus, cedar or clove. Vegetable glycerin may also be used for the essential oil mix, although it is not necessary.

  2. Combine the ingredients in a bottle

    Boil a pot of water, and fill a spray bottle halfway with the boiled water. Distilled water may be used as an alternative. Add witch hazel to the remaining half of the bottle, filling it almost to the top. If you are using vegetable glycerin as an ingredient, add half of a tablespoon to the mix.

  3. Add essential oils, and mix

    Combine 30 to 50 drops of your preferred essential oils with the mixture to obtain the desired scent. The strength of the spray depends on the amount of oil added to the bottle. Stir continuously, ensuring that all ingredients mix well.

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