How Do You Make a Nylon Netting Pot Scrubber?

How Do You Make a Nylon Netting Pot Scrubber?

To make a nylon netting pot scrubber, cut 1 yard of the material into strips of appropriate size, join them to form a single strip, and use it as a yarn to crochet the scrubber with a crochet hook of H or J sizes. Use a combination of single crochet, double crochet and slip stitches to create a circular pattern.

To make a yarn out of nylon netting, place the fabric flat on a suitable surface, and cut it into strips of 1 to 1 1/2 inches width. Knot all the strip ends using a square knot, and make a ball out of the single strip thus formed.

Begin crocheting by make four chains, and slip stitching in chain one to form a small ring. For the first round, make eight single crochets in the ring, one slip stitch in the top of single crochet one, and three more chains. For the second round, make double crochets two times in all the single crochets, slip stitch in chain two, and chain three.

Use double or single crochets to make a 3 to 4-inch diameter circle. To increase the circle's size, single stitch two times in the round's first stitch, and once in its second stitch. If making a larger circle, crochet once in the second and third stitches of the round. Each time a round ends, make two chains if single crocheting and three chains if double crocheting.

To decrease the circle's size, reduce the single stitches by one per round. This makes the scrubber double sided. Join each round using slip stitch, and chain two each time a round ends.

Join the final round using slip stitch, snip the strip leaving a tail of 6 inches, pull it via the final stitch, and weave into the pattern.