How Do You Make a Natural Spider Repellent?

Make a natural spider repellent by selecting an essential oil that kills or repels spiders, diluting it with water, and spraying the mixture in areas where spiders gather. The oils dissipate over time, so reapply the repellent anytime spiders begin to reappear.

  1. Choose an essential oil

    Several essential oils have spider-repellent properties, including peppermint, lavender, cinnamon, clove and citrus. Choose one or more oils to create your mixture.

  2. Mix the repellent

    Add five drops of the selected oil or oils to a quart of water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to mix the oil and water. Set the sprayer to a fine mist that covers a wide area.

  3. Spray the surface

    Continue to shake the bottle before spraying. Spray the liquid in cracks and corners where spiders tend to live. For cabinets, spray the surface, and use a rag to wipe the liquid dry. If you do not have a spray bottle, dip a rag into the solution, and wipe it onto surfaces.

  4. Reapply the oil as necessary

    Essential oils evaporate, causing their scent to dissipate over time. If you begin to see spiders in your home again, mix a fresh solution of essential oil and water, and spray the areas again.