How Do You Make Natural Glue Adhesive Removers at Home?


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To make natural glue adhesive removers at home, use oil or peanut butter to cause the adhesive to lose its tackiness. Other useful household products to use are alcohol or vinegar which act as a mild solvent in removing glue.

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Most glues are oil based, so adding oil to the glue over-saturates the compound of the glue. To dilute the glue, apply a generous amount of cooking oil, baby oil or peanut butter to the adhesive and let it sit for a while. Afterwards, rub the oil into the glue and see the edges of the glue start to come up as the oil eliminates the adhesive bond. Rinse the area with soap and water a few times until the adhesive is completely gone. The soap further changes the compound of the glue and often turns the glue residue into soapy suds.

When using alcohol, apply it directly to the glue, and wait a few minutes before wiping away the adhesive. Alcohol breaks down the glue, and the adhesive shows signs of breakdown prior to wiping it away. Vinegar works similarly because it contains acetic acid that breaks down the glue. Use a rough cloth to agitate the glue before wiping it away, and then rinse the area with soap and water until the glue is gone.

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